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If you have a picture(s) that you want to send to MABAS-IL to place on the website, please send them to Please include a description of the picture including if applicable: Division, Department, apparatus, event or incident, special team, etc. Also, please send your contact information.

Our goal is to have pictures which represent all of MABAS including: 

  1. A variety of MABAS incidents such as, fires, major accidents, train derailments, disaster incidents, IL-USAR TF-1, training exercises, special operations teams, etc.
  2. Different geographic locations throughout the State and Divisions
  3. Deployments and major activations 
  4. Specialized Divisional equipment, apparatus, and resources including MABAS-IL assets (e.g. Decon vehicles, Air Support Vehicles)
  5. Communications and dispatcher related pictures

Please understand there is no guarantee that all the pictures sent will be placed on the website, but they will all be reviewed and considered. Thank you for your assistance.


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Division 3 Rescue 3 TRT.JPG
Division 3 Rescue 3 TRT
2576 x 19202436 KB
Division 60 IMAT Trailer.JPG
Division 60 IMAT Trailer
1600 x 1200563 KB
615 x 30987 KB
MABAS-IL Air Support Unit.JPG
MABAS-IL Air Support Unit
640 x 480131 KB
3648 x 27363520 KB
MABAS-IL Boat.jpg
2304 x 17281067 KB
640 x 48050 KB
MABAS-IL Fuel Trailer.JPG
MABAS-IL Fuel Trailer
1600 x 867895 KB
MABAS-IL Light Tower Raised.JPG
MABAS-IL Light Tower Raised
2304 x 34562812 KB
MABAS-IL LightTower.jpg
MABAS-IL LightTower
890 x 594115 KB
MABAS-IL Mechanic Vehicle 2.jpg
MABAS-IL Mechanic Vehicle 2
2304 x 1728990 KB
MABAS-IL Mechanic Vehicle 3.JPG
MABAS-IL Mechanic Vehicle 3
640 x 48072 KB
MABAS-IL Mechanic Vehicle Container.jpg
MABAS-IL Mechanic Vehicle Container
2304 x 17281026 KB
MABAS-IL Mechanic Vehicle.JPG
MABAS-IL Mechanic Vehicle
640 x 48071 KB
MABAS-IL Mechanics Truck and Fuel Trailer Springfield.JPG
MABAS-IL Mechanics Truck and Fuel Trailer Springfield
3072 x 23041745 KB
MABAS-IL Mobile Ventilation Unit (MVU).JPG
MABAS-IL Mobile Ventilation Unit (MVU)
2160 x 14401515 KB
MABAS-IL Tent City Trailer 1.jpg
MABAS-IL Tent City Trailer 1
1200 x 541196 KB
MABAS-IL Tent City Trailer 2.jpg
MABAS-IL Tent City Trailer 2
1200 x 607218 KB
MABAS-IL Warehouse Trailer 1.jpg
MABAS-IL Warehouse Trailer 1
1024 x 768230 KB
MABAS-IL Warehouse Trailer 2.JPG
MABAS-IL Warehouse Trailer 2
1600 x 1200607 KB
427 x 37737 KB
1002 x 667341 KB